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Ian Sweet

CEO, Sweet Futures
Ian Sweet began his career as a runner at the CBOT in 1996. While on the CBOT floor, Ian worked with a local in the Soybean pit and ran a commercial hedging desk. In 1999, Ian left the floor and started the in-house brokerage division at Rosenthal Collins Group .L.C. He has been series 3 licensed with the National Futures Association (NFA) since 1999. In 2006, RCG made Ian a divisional partner of their Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). In 2010, Ian became an Independent Introducing Broker so he can grow his business for customers that require services from other FCM’s. Ian’s secret to success has always been to try and give the customer great service and surround himself with employees that take care about the customers and provide the same type of professional service he gives his customers. Today as CEO of Sweet Futures 1, LLC, he is responsible for overseeing all of the day-to-day operations of the firm.

Office Number: 1-312-216-5701

Fax Number: 1-312-873-4558


 Michael Popilchak

EVP, Principal 

Mike Popilchak began his career in 1976 as a chalk board marker on the old catwalks above the CBOT grain trading floor. He then went on to work for six premier clearing member FCM’s spending his next twelve years in virtually every back office position, including that of compliance officer for a major FCM. In 1989 he turned his hand to sales. From 1989-2006 he successfully recruited Ag-based Introducing Brokers to his respective clearing firms. Today as EVP of Marketing and Sales for Sweet Futures he is the administrator for both retail and commercial business growth.

Office Number: 1-312-216-5702

Fax Number: 1-312-873-4558



Aysheh Sweet

Executive Administrator
Aysheh Sweet joined Sweet Futures in 2011 with a great opportunity to advance her skills in the business and commodities world. She is grasping the knowledge that’s needed to provide excellent support and leadership in our organization that is excelling in the industry. She is the administrator for risk management,  she oversee and implemented day to day operations relating to back end equity run, customer service, and research. She facilitates clients ie: wire, transfers, account openings, and closing.  She establishes policies and procedure to comply with CFTC and NFA requirements. She is a great asset to our administrators team.

Office Number: 1-312-216-5705

Fax Number: 1-312-873-4558