Execution Team

Our execution team can be reached at: 1-312-216-5716

Paul Gauger

Account Executive, Manager of Sweet Futures Execution Desk
Paul Gauger spent 18 years of his career with Rosenthal Collins Group. He has many years of CME and CBOT floor experience ranging from: trading in the tumultuous S&P 500 pit to fast moving execution desks on the trading floors. Paul has successfully worked with many types of clients. Over the last 5 years Paul has managed the busy Sweet Futures Execution Desk. Paul is also an NFA registered account executive with Sweet Futures. He attended the University of Northern Iowa.


Office Number: 1-312-216-5716

Fax Number: 1-312-873-4558


Avery Putter

Manager New Jersey Branch

Avery Putter began his career as a runner at the NYCE Exchange in 1993. In 1994 he worked as a phone clerk. Then in 1995 Avery became a floor broker and trader. Since then he has specialized in coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Cotton and Orange Juice. Avery customer base consisted of commercials, banks, market makers, FCMs and hedge funds. In June 2013 Avery Putter began working for Sweet Futures. Avery is a NFA registered account executive with Sweet Futures. He runs the New Jersey branch office of Sweet Futures. Avery’s experience and knowledge of the soft execution business makes him a valuable key member to our organization.


Office Number: 1-201-706-7189

Fax: 1-312-873-4558