Sales Team

Our sales team can be reached at: 1 (800) 661-5618

Bill Dubard

Memphis Branch Manager – Account Executive of Sales

William J. “Bill” DuBard, Jr.has worked in the futures industry for more than ten years and continues to sevice clients in various segments of the agricultural food chain providing risk management to assist clients in managing their margins. Upon graduating from Mississippi State University, Bill spent more than fifteen years working in the Cotton Industry.

Bill was also active in his family’s farming and agri-business interest located in the Mississippi Delta.

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William Parnell

Director of Latin American Trading

Mr. Parnell specializes in educating businesses on how to manage their risk using commodity options. He also works with these companies helping them implement the hedging strategies that meet their risk parameters.

Mr. Parnell played a major role in the development of the MERDER (Mexican futures market). He worked with the AMIB (association in intermediaries of brokerage houses) as advisor, developed courses, and certified traders. He introduced many brokerage houses and banks to the futures and options market in Chicago. Mr. Parnell has been registered with the National Futures Association “NFA” since 2004.

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