Sweet Futures Careers

What it means to work at Sweet Futures:

Sweet Futures currently has many openings for a Commodities Broker. When working with Sweet Futures you are working with a firm that genuinely cares about their customers. Sweet Futures works with multiple FCM’s, and we service every type of customer in the futures industry. We offer our retail clients over 20 platforms, a trading desk, excellent service and very good commission rates. We also services some of the largest commercial, institutional and proprietary trading firms in the US and Canada. Sweet Futures introduce millions of contracts a year to our FCM’s.

What we are looking for:

Sweet Futures is looking for a broker with a series 3, who has an established book of business, and is not held by any restrictive covenants, (no-competes).

What we offer:

Sweet Futures offer an excellent payout. We offer health insurances plans. We also are offer a fast pace, friendly enviorment that you are able to build your book of business on.