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Individual Account at Wedbush

Here are additional supporting documents that Wedbush requires.
Please send the required documents to ian@sweetfutures.com

• We need a copy of an ID or passport and a current utility bill. 
• If non-US customer, we need a signed W-8*  Please Click Here
• If you are US Customer, we need a signed W-9* Please Click Here
• If you are a Self-Employed Trader, we will need the Non-CPO form filled out Please Click Here 
• Please fill out the Wedbush Entity Questionnaire  Please Click Here 
• Please fill out the Wedbush Risk Disclosure Please Click Here 
• Please fill out the Acknowledgement of Receipt of Risk Disclosure: Please click here
• Please fill out the Additional Risk Disclosure: Please Click Here
• Please fill out the Wedbush  Authorization Debit Form: Please Click Here  
• Please fill out the Wedbush Wire Request form. Please Click Here

*This will be saved for wire request in the future. Please let Sweet Futures’ know if your banking information changes, so we can update our file.

If you have any questions please give us a call at 1.312.216.5701.

Open Account or Call Today at 312.216.5701