Execution Services

We take pride in our high standard of execution services.

Call in Desk:
Most of the brokers at our desk come from the trading floors and have executed orders for some of the largest traders in the world. We have access to brokers in the pits and state of the art order entry systems. If you need bid, offer, size and the fill while on the phone this is our specialty. Resting orders are called back in a timely matter.

Back up support:
The majority of orders are now executed online. We understand that it is not a perfect world and online trading can go down. Problems can arise from the customer’s computer, the internet, the trading platform and even the exchange. We have over ten years of experience in dealing with these types of problems. We provide back up execution services so the customer can feel secure that when and if a problem occurs they have immediate back up support.

Voice Brokers:
Sweet Futures 1, LLC, uses many voice brokers to execute OTC (Over the Counter) trades on the ICE and CME Exchanges. We are very active in these markets on a daily basis especially in power, natural gas, and crude oil.

Online Trading:
Though our multiple clearing relationships we offer many of the industries most sophisticated platforms to trade Futures and FX online.

Forex Dealing Desk:
We can provide institutional customer, hedge funds and banks with a professional dealing desk that offers tight spreads in the Forex markets.

24 hour desk:
We understand that you want the ability to trade around the clock. Through our FCM relationships we can provide a fully staffed 24 hour execution desk.

Trade Allocation:
If you are a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) or a hedge fund manager in need of back office support. We know how to handle this type of busines. Through our clearing relationships we can offer the following:
• Fully automated give up functionality to route trades to individual accounts or other FCM’s
• Trade Auto- Allocation – Breaks down trades for both internal and outside accounts
• Automated Average Price System – Allows for easy distribution of multiple trade prices

Give up Executions:
We understand that some customers may want better execution but do not want to change their clearing relationship. We can provide premium execution services and give up the trade to different FCMs.