Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Trading firms have become one of the largest growing sectors in the futures industry. We currently service some of the largest commercial and institutional firms in the US and Canada. We know how to service your firm’s traders. Let our expertise work for your Proprietary Trading firm. We will also try to lower your transactional per-trade costs.

Multiple FCM Relationships

Through our premier FCM affiliations we can set up your traders with online platforms – technology and give them access to our trading desk located within the operational heart of Sweet Futures in Chicago.

Custom Trading Services

We can accommodate your business and tailor the access to fit your firm’s specific needs. Your traders can use a platform, our trading desk, or a combination of both. We can facilitate your traders in futures, options and in electronic, pit and OTC markets. Simply put, we can provide your business with premier services and fill all of your trading needs.