Cunningham T4

CTS has three robust, redundant data centers to furnish fast, reliable market connectivity to many the world’s largest exchanges.

T4 Desktop is the premier platform of the T4 Suite of trading products.  T4 Desktop has all the functionality that a professional trader demands while still remaining user friendly for the retail trader.  Full functionality and customization allow all users to create a trading screen that perfectly fits their own trading style.

With real-time quotes, one-click trading, multiple order types, a built in charting package, real-time news and economic indicator feeds and much more, T4 will satisfy the scalper, position trader, or executing broker.

CTS maintain their own exchange connectivity and the equipment necessary to operate the CTS network at three separate data centers.  Hosting allows CTS to control and maintain a robust, fast and reliable network that meets all of a trader’s requirements and more.  This stable and efficient network is the foundation for a state-of-the-art front end, enabling it to be the front runner among futures trading platforms.

Key Features

T4 Desktop offers all the basic standard functionality any professional trader needs, along with many enhanced features.  The system offers:

    • Real-time quotes
    • Real-time P&L and Position Updates
    • Customize fonts, colors, and sounds
    • A charting package built directly into the front-end. Includes various studies and overlays.   
    • Real-time news and economic indicators provided by an industry leading news service.                         
    • Dual-layout capability
    • Switch between contract markets with a single click
    • One-click and keyboard order entry
    • Multiple Quote Boards and Order Books
    • Accessibility to all the available exchanges at no additional cost
    • An expansive list of order types, including Market Orders, Limits, Stops, Stop-Limits, Trailing Stops, MITs, GTCs, OCOs, and Auto OCOs
    • Advanced order types like market mode activation, time activation, price activation, and icebergs
    • Between sessions, day orders clear out; GTC’s and open positions rollover
    • No maintenance period during the trading week; T4 is available while markets are trading
    • To see additional features, or to learn more about T4 Desktop please refer to our user guide

T4 Charts

 CTS’s charting package is built directly into T4 Desktop. Custom built by CTS, it is a package meant for both professional and retail traders. Charting has real time            streaming quotes for all futures, options and strategy markets available on T4. The user friendly charts can be configured to each user’s specifications. Charts are created and saved along with the other T4 windows to provide one platform for  trading and charting.       
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Price Channels
  • Kelt
  • SMA
  • Zig Zag
  • Pivot Moving Average
  • Force Index
  • And more…
 Drawing Tools;
  • Fibonacci Retracement
  • Trend Line
  • Auto-Channel
  • Pitchfork
  • And more…
  Other Chart Features:
  • View Orders on Charts
  • Show P&L and net position
  • Overlay a second contract
  • Apply studies to studies, e.g. moving average on volume
  • Show bars by time, tick volume or tick range
  • And more…


T4 WebTrader

   T4 WebTrader is a browser-based trading system that provides real-time market access to every exchange CTS offers. A basic internet connection and simple web address     allows direct access to the world’s futures markets without having to download an application. T4 WebTrader provides retail traders all the standard functionality they need, such as account details, orderbook, market depth screen and quote board. T4 WebTrader gives you an easy-to-use interface, real-time order submission, and a back-end that offers extreme reliability. T4 WebTrader makes a convenient secondary screen to professional traders who use T4 Desktop as their primary trading application. All T4 products have access to historical trade information, performance charts, session data and audit trails.  


            Flexibility and Functionality

  T4 WebTrader offers all the basic standard functionality any professional trader  needs, along with many enhanced features. The system offers:       

  • Customization which allows you to modify colors and sounds
  • Real-time quotes
  • Accessibility to all the available exchanges at no additional cost
  • Real-time P&L and Position Updates
  • Order types including: Markets, Limits, Stops, Stop-Limits, Trailing Stops and GTC    
  • Two-Click order entry
  • Adjust window location and size within the browser
  • View depth of market
  • Watch quotes from multiple markets at the same time


            In addition to Charts, T4 Desktop’s news capability utilizes real-time news and economic indicator feeds provided by an industry leading news service. Be the first            to know when the latest information is out by taking advantage of the built-in News window.



With T4 Desktop, you can trade from anywhere.  Whether you are at home, in your office or on the road, when you trade with T4 Destkop, all you need is access to the internet and a computer and you are ready to trade.  T4 Desktop can be hard-wired to your firm’s network or can easily be used at home via your home internet connection.


Create your own customized functionality or your own black box system using T4′s available open API.