J-Trader Pro

Pro-Mark is a premium front-end, the most advanced application available for the professional sector. It has been developed after comprehensive market research into the needs of serious traders – those whose business is high volume, high value, cross-market, complex and intensive.

The target market is traders in proprietary houses, investment banks and other financial institutions. Pro-Mark is also the ideal tool for committed independents who want the highest levels of speed and power.

Pro-Mark makes a virtue of speed at all levels. For example, speed of navigation and order entry, and speed of cancellation, amendment, fill receipt, throughput and handling. Pro-Mark supports a wide range of order types and strategies, and includes unique and innovative tools that provide detailed market knowledge.

Key benefits:

  • Intelligent ‘next generation’ multi-leg spreading ‘Deductive logic’ to help you place orders at the most competitive price to execute a strategy, create any strategy, in any ratio, across any number of legs Actively work legs, combine futures and options, expand legs to any asset classHigh level of protection against underfills and overfills Work ‘stops’ in strategies Integrated advanced charting functionality with over 70 technical indicators, efficient backtesting and flexible representations including candlesticks, bar charts and Market Profile
  • Seamless integration with MS Excel