MarketDelta Trader

MarketDelta Trader offers a Free Footprint Chart, fast execution, high frequency trade tracking with the Footprint chart, intuitive screens, automated order management, static price ladder, depth of market (DOM), and top notch support — Everything needed to succeed!

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Footprint® Charts – Ultimate Transparency

  • Integrated with the DOM. As trades occur Footprints are updated, allowing you to literally track the dominant order flow in the market.
  • Adds clarity to the trade execution process by using color and actual traded volume.
  • Volume at price data shows you exactly where more trading is occurring the moment it happens.
  • Builds confidence and trust because everything is captured and displayed.
  • Time entries and exits better because you will understand the current market dynamics more completely.


Depth of Market – DOM

  • Static price ladder for more precise execution.
  • Single click order entry is simple, fast, and exact. Mouse feedback shows where and what type of order will be placed as you hover over a price.
  • Drag and drop orders to quickly change the price.
  • Hover over the order and single click to cancel. Convenience buttons for CXL All, Buys, Sells.
  • Average position is highlighted on the price scale so you always know where breakeven is.
  • Buy Market and Sell Market Buttons for speed to market.
  • Place Limit and Stop Orders with a single click.



Automated Order Management (ATOM™)

  • Work up to 5 legs at a time!
  • Automatic Profit Target
  • Automatic Stop Loss
  • Automatic Bracket Orders / OCO – profit and protective stop loss
  • Automatic Breakeven – move position to breakeven automatically
  • Automatic Trailing – have a stop trail the market to lock in profits

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Basic Ticket

  • Grid based order entry
  • Monitor many instruments at once
  • Price up, price down single click amend buttons
  • Qty up, qty down single click amend buttons
  • Single click Buy MKT or Sell MKT buttons



Multi-Tab Interface

  • Works just like the common browser
  • Grab and pull tabs out to spawn new DOM and Footprint
  • Change for day and price (on hover) displayed in tab
  • Multi-monitor support



Quote Window

  • Compact grid view of symbols you want to follow
  • Single click to trade
  • Easily sortable; Drag and drop to arrange columns
  • Search for symbols. No need to know the actual symbol



Supported Order Routing Technologies

  • Innovative, Powerful Technology
  • Exceptional Speed & Reliability
  • Direct Market Access w/ Low Latency
  • Reliable, Accurate Data
  • Industry Standard for Data Quality & Delivery
  • Worldwide Primary and Failover Data Centers
CQG Order Routing System