RAN Order

RANorder is a fully automated order entry and management system designed to trade pit-traded contracts and view accounts in real-time.

It is the number one choice among our brokers who enter orders on behalf of customers and our clients who trade across a broad spectrum of futures products.

Key Features:

  • Captures transactions via easy-to-use browser or Windows-based front ends
  • Performs extensive pre-trade credit control prior to order transmission and execution
  • Electronically routes customer orders to the appropriate exchange or to any order desk
  • Performs interactive queries to identify accounts, positions and risk exposure in any user-selected market
  • Automatically downloads start-of-day account, position and equity information from any back office system and uploads intra-day transactions to the back office
  • Delivers real time quotes, system and account-specific messages
  • Allows customers to “park” the orders they typically place. These orders can be selected to quickly place an order in a moving market
  • Provides the client with access to the prior day back office statement
  • Handles global futures products and equity options
  • Incorporates Managed Account and Give-up capability