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Sweet Futures offers a vast selection of online trading platforms backed by our support and resources.

As a self-directed trader, you’re in charge of your own strategy, and ready to trade. But you’re not alone – you will have access to a broker and support team when you need it. Sweet Futures prides itself on being attentive to its customers’ needs. Additionally, you’ll receive the following benefits:


Trading Platforms

Sweet Futures lets you choose from a wide selection of powerful online trading platforms and add-ons. Learn more in our Trading Platform overview.


Sweet Futures News

Receive periodic news and commentary from Sweet Futures’ professionals. Read some of our market commentary.



Sweet Futures gives you access to portals featuring exclusive research*.


Global Markets

Sweet Futures has a wide variety of clearing firms and platforms, and a world of products are available to trade


Broker Support

Have a question? Pick up the phone and call one of our brokers at 1-312-216-5701.


24/7 Support

You’ll have additional support any time of the day or night through Sweet Futures clearing firms.


FCM Portals

Depending upon the FCM that you are with, Sweet Futures has resources available to help you manage your daily trading. These resources include statements, transaction reports, and risk analysis.


Trader Tools

Sweet Futures provide links to weather, USDA, and other news affecting the markets.



Sweet Futures offers competitive commission rates.



Sweet Futures offers competitive day trading margins.


Execution Desk

Sweet Futures provides back-up access to all offered platforms.