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RAN Order

Rolfe & Nolan Systems Inc. provides software for the listed derivatives industry. The company offers back office derivatives processing software, as well as specific front- and middle-office products, including in-house or outsourced solutions, order router, and Web delivery module, which provide information on positions and market events. Rolfe & Nolan “RAN Order” meets the needs of all financial institutions that trade derivatives from banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds to asset managers, execution brokers, and commodity houses. Founded in 1992 and based in Chicago, Illinois, Rolfe & Nolan Systems Inc. operates as a subsidiary of ION Trading Ireland Ltd.  ION has partnered with customers in 25 different countries. Over 3000 traders use ION front end solutions worldwide daily while tens of thousands rely on the ION platform for their day to day trading.

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For exchange-traded derivatives, ION provides a product line, Rolfe & Nolan, which offers solutions throughout the trade lifecycle. Over thirty years of experience has been harnessed into producing a powerful suite of products making the Rolfe & Nolan product line one of the world’s leading specialist solutions providing:

  • Comprehensive real-time back office solutions
  • Component-based solutions
  • Flexible service delivery, including hosting and facilities management capability

Rolfe & Nolan meets the needs of all financial institutions that trade derivatives from banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds to asset managers, execution brokers, and commodity houses.


Main Features

Multi-asset class processing including; futures, options, equities, OTC, CFD’s, security futures and foreign exchange.

Multi-entity, multi-currency hierarchy support

Comprehensive reporting suite with definable reports and data extracts for data flow throughout the organization.

Automated trade feeds

Distribution of settlement prices and SPAN/theoretical values from the world’s major exchanges.

Full broker/clearing reconciliation

Private label, multi-lingual Internet deployment

Initial / variation margin and contract valuation calculations across the world’s major exchanges

Regulatory and compliance reporting


Service Delivery

R&N product suite is delivered to meet its dynamic customer base needs, including:

In-House – R&N product is installed at the client’s location(s) where it is run and maintained by the customers’ IT infrastructure.

Facilities Management – R&N product is housed at ION data centers on the client’s equipment. ION maintain and monitor the hardware/software on behalf of the customer.

ASP (Application Service Provision) – Secure hosted application delivery on ION hardware located at ION datacenters. Customers access this service via leased line or Virtual Private Network.


Component-based Solutions

R&N also provide a suite of components for financial institutions wishing to leverage their current infrastructure:

Margin Module – Buy and Sell-side exchange margin calculation including contract valuation and what-if scenarios for over 70 global exchanges.

Brokerage – Global execution brokerage management tool to give up schedule management and the real-time calculation of payable/receivables execution brokerage.

Alerts Direct – Buy and Sell side Risk Monitoring tool, assessing multiple limits for account/entities, incorporating cash/collateral balances, market prices and exchange initial/variation margin, P&L in Real-time.

Fees Direct – Buy and Sell-side fee schedule management and fee reconciliation.

Reconciliation Module – A flexible reconciliation building tool with a library of reconciliations for exchanges, clearing systems, and ETD counterparties.