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RCG Onyx Plus

Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG) is a futures brokerage based in Chicago. Originally established in 1923 as Greene and Collins, Rosenthal Collins Group is one of the largest independently owned futures commission merchants (FCMs). RCG Onyx Plus is one of the industry’s leading futures trading platforms. Developed and supported by Rosenthal Collins Group, this downloadable futures trading application provides futures traders with the advanced tools they need to trade global products electronically at an affordable price. The application has been developed from extensive input from traders, brokers, and developers to provide exceptional standards for speed, stability, resilience, redundancy and functionality.

Sweet Futures has long lasting relationship with Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). Many of our traders prefer RCG Onyx Plus due to its affordability and user-friendly interface. Sweet Futures would like to offer you a Free Online Trading Demo for two weeks. From the novice to the advanced trader, RCG Onyx Plus has many features as is considered one of the leading trading platforms in the industry. Give it a trial run and let us know what you think. At Sweet Futures, we are here to help you meet your trading needs. We can work with you to help find platforms that are right for you.

There are two ways to trade on RCG Onyx Plus. RCG Onyx Plus downloadable client or their new RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader.

RCG Onyx Plus

RCG Onyx Plus is a state-of-the-art trading platform that enables you to trade global futures products electronically. Key Features include:

  • Browser based online account information tool from any Internet-accessible computer
  • Real-time and historical charting package available (contact your broker for pricing)
  • Around-the-clock technological and client support
  • Trailing stops and bracket orders
  • “thermometer” allows at a glance market movement monitoring
  • Easy viewing of market depth
  • Multiple windows to facilitate multi-market trading
  • Save, export, import, load and delete your customized platform layouts
  • Updates upon login—no need to perform manual updates

RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader

The web-based RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader is the perfect partner to the full RCG Onyx Plus® application, giving you a complete futures trading solution and market access when you are on the go. All you need is an internet connection and you are ready to trade.

  • Full trading capabilities
  • No software to download
  • Trade from any internet connection
  • Real-time streaming data
  • Monitor account positions, orders and fills
  • User-friendly layout
  • Syncs with RCG Onyx Plus

RCG Onyx Plus Key Charting Features

  • Interactive, Real-time Streaming Futures Charts*
  • Delayed Equity and Index Market Data
  • Over 60 Studies and Dozens of Technical Indicators
  • Multiple Chart Viewing Capabilities
  • Charting of Spreads with Multiplication
  • Tick by Tick Charting
  • N-minute Bars and End-of-day Data
  • Extensive Historical Data
  • Custom Equations and MORE!


  • Direct connection to all major U.S. exchanges
  • Global reach with multi-market, multi exchange access


  • Market depth with real-time data
  • One-click trading off ladder
  • Customizable “center” on ladder
  • “Thermometer” shows market temperature
  • Synthetic brackets, trailing stops and icebergs
  • Exchange icebergs
  • Enhanced charting powered by Barchart.com
  • More than 30 technical studies
  • Custom spreads with Auto-Spreader
  • Change orders with click-and-drag
  • Keyboard order entry
  • Internet, table, mobile trading via RCG Onyx Plus WebTrade

RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader

RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader is a lighter version of the RCG Onyx Plus downloadable application that features full trading capabilities. There is nothing to download, all you need is an internet connection and an account and you are ready to trade.

Featuring real-time streaming data and a user-friendly layout, RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader is the perfect solution when you’re on the go and need to find out where a market is trading or execute an order. In addition, if you subscribe to the charting package available in RCG Onyx Plus, you will also have the ability to access charts in RCG Onyx Plus WebTrader.


RCG Onyx Plus Charts Intro

RCG Onyx Plus – Working with Charts

RCG Onyx Plus Charting – Getting Started