Sweet Futures is a full-service commodity futures brokerage operation specializing in exotic option structures and off-exchange transactions. We are an independent agent with an extensive network of experienced liquidity providers. We provide increased liquidity, enhanced price discovery and improved transparency, all of which lead to better pricing. Our coverage includes grains, softs, energies, metals, currencies and financials. Our exceptional client service is a lost art.

Commodity professionals who work with Sweet Futures

sweet Commercials

Producers, shippers, mills, Commercial brokers, consumer Companies and refiners

sweet2 Institutions

Banks, index funds, pension Funds, ctas and hedge funds

sweet3 liquidity providers

Market makers, high frequency Traders, algorithmic traders, Professional and proprietary traders

Sweet’s competitive advantage


We maintain strict anonymity between buyers and sellers to ensure that their dealings are confidential and not disclosed.

Our execution brokers are neutral intermediaries and as such, they do not trade in markets they broker. Our brokers work discretely for buyers and sellers with no conflict of interest.


Sweet Futures has access to a wide variety of liquidity pools, resulting in exceptional liquidity, narrow market spreads and reduced slippage.


Sweet Futures is able to offer our customers a variety of execution services. Whether prenegotiated exchange-cleared futures and options, block trades, EFP’s as well as OTC Structured Products.