ATAS is a trading platform, which combines advanced volume and technical analysis. A trader can analyze historical data, conduct cluster and portfolio analysis, set alternative frames for charts, and use more than 70 different indicators for developing unique and efficient trading strategies.

ATAS not only aggregates exchange order flows but also visualizes all data in the intuitively clear form in the charts. The platform differs from a majority of terminals, represented in the market, with flexibility of its settings and wide possibilities of setting various filters. The system analyses Time & Sales order flows, Depth Of Market order book and high frequency algorithms (HFT activity).


Get your trading advantage, working with charts in the ATAS platform, plus unbelievable flexibility in settings:
Charts in the bar and line format.
Candlestick charts – traditional and transparent.
Cluster charts – 25 variations.

Freedom of frame selection

Apart from standard time-frames, ATAS supports:
various range types;
renko bars;
order flow charts;
volume frames. For example, tick, Volume and Delta charts.

Historical data base

The ATAS servers contain detailed information about trades of more than 2,000 assets on more than 20 exchanges.

Drawing objects

Use a wide variety of instruments for marking the charts:
Market profiles.
Shapes, lines, areas, channels and text marks.
Fibonacci retracements.
Ruler with statistics.


Dozens of professional indicators are split into categories:
BidAsk, Delta and Volume – for analyzing vertical volumes.
Clusters, Profiles and Levels – for analyzing profiles (horizontal levels).
Order Flow – for working with the flow of executed trades.
Technical – classical technical analysis indicators.
Customized indicators – your own developments through the fast API.

Let‘s consider some of them:

Big Trades

All big trades are clearly visible due to the Big Trades indicator and its wide functionality.

Cluster Search

The Cluster Search indicator looks for the required clusters using a number of criteria both in the history and real time.

DOM Levels

The DOM Levels indicator serves for showing those levels in the chart, where hyperactivity was noticed (big accumulations of limit orders).

TPO and Profile

This is a universal solution for analyzing histograms of horizontal volumes and classical market profiles. It has 4 display modes, and you can select the one that suits your strategy the best.

Dynamic Levels

This indicator reflects dynamics of the market profile in real time. It draws the lines, which reflect Point Of Control and Value Area changes.

Speed of Tape

This indicator reflects the trade execution speed in the form of a histogram. If activity accelerates, it is a signal of high probability that professionals are active in the market.


Smart Tape

Smart Tape (Time & Sales) allows you to receive an advantage by tracking the flow of recent trades in real time.

Algorithm of trade aggregation is a unique development of the ATAS team. It helps you to see real big trades rather than a series of small trade parts, which come from exchanges.

The data are presented in the classical form with introduction of useful innovations:
tape speed indicator;
buyer / seller aggression indicator;
positive / negative price reaction indicator;
single prints;
non-spread trades;
trade filtration;
visual settings;

Smart DOM (Depth Of Market)

Specific patterns in the Depth Of Market will help you, allowing to:
track manipulations;
detect strong levels;
get confirmation for conducting trading operations.


Trade fast and comfortably using:

trading chart panel with convenient order buttons
drag & drop orders directly on the chart
trading from the Smart DOM
hot keys trading manager
portfolio trading

Protective strategies

Reduce the human error risk by protecting open positions with automatically submitted stop and target orders and self-tightening trailing stops.

Algorithmic trading bots

Your trading strategy can be automated due to the fast ATAS API.

ATAS simulation server

Check your trading ideas and bots using the already built-in ATAS Sim account.

Trading Statistics

Assess your progress by the data from the Statistics section. Do away with errors and achieve stability in trading.


There are lots of things in ATAS to be set and organized according to your own preferences, among which: alerts, news, time zones, language, color themes, workspaces and layouts settings, templates, windows management etc.