Why High-Frequency Trading?

Do you remember dial-up Internet? A couple of decades ago, things moved in minutes, if we were lucky and had an excellent service provider. Years ago, seconds were the standard, and finally, we moved to seconds and microseconds. Today, we think in terms of nanoseconds (a billionth of a second). To be competitive in today’s trading world, you can’t think even in terms of microseconds. You need to capitalize your trading strategy by getting in quickly, reducing latency and operating at close to the same speed the exchanges operate.


How Can Sweet Help?

Sweet Futures has been offering technology services to traders since 1999. We have partnered with some of the finest low-latency technology companies to help our clients improve their existing infrastructure, or to build infrastructure from the bottom up. We can help you rent or purchase servers and choose the appropriate software, taking the guesswork out of the entire process. Over the past years, we provided practical HFT solutions for many customers who value speed of trade execution.

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