Balance Sheet Margin Financing

Sweet Futures has forged strategic partnerships and with top-tier banks and FCM’s to provide balance sheet margin financing. This financing is given to companies which have balance sheets over $100 million dollars. Margin Financing can be utilized by hedgers who want to leverage their balance sheet instead of posting the initial margin required by the exchanges and the mark-to-market margin variations.

How Much Financing is Available?

$5 Million to $250 Million is available per account

How to start the process?

Please provide the necessary information requested below:

  1.  Audited Financials and demonstrate ability to pay back the margin loan. Country risk also taken into consideration.
  2. A list of physical commodities that will be hedged
  3. The face value of commodities that will be hedged
  4. Provide total amount needed (initial margins amount and potential variations margins needed)
  5. Credit lines are usually approved in 8 to 12 weeks on average

What are the Interest Rates?

*450 to 950 basis points plus Weekly Libor Rate

* Disclosure: The above is an example. Rates and are subject to change.  Each account is considered on a case-by-case basis. We only offer this product to Commercial entities that are Eligible Contract Participants (ECP)