Energy Transition Markets

Sweet Futures is excited to be a broker participant with the Abaxx Exchange. With our extensive industry experience, we will provide essential clearing and execution services for Abaxx contracts from day one.
At Abaxx Exchange, traders will have access to a range of centrally cleared, physically delivered futures contracts. These contracts cover key commodities such as LNG, carbon credits, and battery metals, enabling market participants to effectively manage risk and seize opportunities in the energy transition complex.

As a trusted broker participant, Sweet Futures will facilitate transactions and provide robust risk management support for traders utilizing Abaxx contracts. Our decades of experience voice brokering block trades and working with market makers will provide price discovery, price transparency and liquidity,. Online trading and clearing will also be offered to our customers.

Energy Transition Markets
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Livestock Options Execution

Liquefied Natural Gas

The transition to cleaner burning hydrocarbons like natural gas has given rise to growing international trade of LNG. Global LNG has shifted from the predominantly long-term trading agreement structure to a more diverse term structure supported by a growing spot market. As a result, the emerging global market for LNG needs a more effective mechanisms for price discovery, price transparency and liquidity, as well as better risk management tools. 




Livestock Options Execution

Nickel Sulphate

Abaxx Commodities Exchange, launch the world’s first futures contract for nickel sulphate. Futures contracts give producers, industrial consumers, and investors an easy way to trade products while also allowing hedging of prices to help with financial planning.


Livestock Options Execution

Carbon Credits

Abaxx Technologies aims to provide the voluntary carbon market with the digital infrastructure and tools to integrate disparate data silos, enable communication among operators, and transactions among counterparties.

REDD+ 21-25 Carbon Futures
JREDD Carbon Summary
CORSIA Phase One Futures
CORSIA Phase One Futures Summary

Frequently Asked Questions Contact Us

What services does Sweet Futures provide as a broker participant with Abaxx Exchange

Sweet Futures provides Clearing, Block Execution & Online trading services for Abaxx contracts.

How does Sweet Futures ensure efficient trade execution?

Sweet Futures ensures efficient trade execution by leveraging its decades of executions experience.

What types of trades will be executed on Abaxx?

Futures contracts will be available to trade across all Abaxx Contracts. Traders will have the ability to trade electronically on approved platforms. Traders who qualify may engage in pre-negotiated block trades.

What types of commodities are covered by Abaxx contracts?

Abaxx contracts cover Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Carbon Credits, and Nickel Sulphate.

What makes Abaxx Exchange different from other exchanges?

Abaxx Exchange is unique in offering centrally cleared, physically delivered futures contracts.

How can I get started trading with Abaxx contracts through Sweet Futures?

To get started trading with Abaxx contracts through Sweet Futures, please reach out to our team at They will guide you through the process, including account setup, Online Trading and Block Trade execution.