Abaxx Exchange introduces centrally cleared, physically delivered futures contracts and derivatives for LNG, Battery Metals and Carbon. We providing price discovery and risk management tools in a market ecosystem with efficient correlation to physical markets.

Sweet Futures provides execution and clearing solutions in Nickel Sulphate, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Carbon Credits on the Abaxx Exchange.

The Future is Sweet. Start Trading Now.

Sweet offers superior customer experience and value by offering latest technology, clearing and execution services tailored to our clients’ specific trading needs.


Trade Energy and Power Futures and Options

We will help you navigate complex energy space. Sweet Futures is an experienced team servicing some of the largest energy companies worldwide.


We are Raising the Bar in Trading Futures

Whether you are trading soft commodities or livestock, financials or grains, power or complex energy products – our experts will provide honest advice and superior customer service.

Award-winning Online Trading Platforms

Sweet Futures is a technology firm as much as a brokerage. We support wide range of trading platforms and tools to reach your trading goals. Our trading experts will point you in the right direction and help you select best tools.


Our Story

Established in 2010, Sweet Futures is a leading global commodities broker. We offer execution, multiple platforms, and numerous clearing relationships for trading in the futures markets.  We take pride in offering our clients an outstanding customer experience while providing value-added services.

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Sweet Futures is continuously evolving with the marketplace offering new innovative products and services. Staying ahead of the curve, knowing our products, and providing our clients with the tools to succeed.

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Why Choose Us

We care about the success of our clients and take extra care to address their trading needs. We are commodity professionals, with team members that include former exchange members, traders, brokers, executives and more. We’ve walked in your shoes. Give us an opportunity to work with you and earn your trust.

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Premier Brokerage Services

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Sweet Futures operates a global marketplace for energy, grains, livestock, financials and soft commodity futures and options. Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience, and tremendous value for our clients.

We offer:

  • Advanced Option Execution
  • Competitive Market Spreads
  • Exceptional Price Discovery
  • Increased Liquidity
  • Reduced Price Slippage
  • Pre-Negotiated Execution
  • Give up & Trade Allocation
  • World Class Customer Service

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Commodity Clearing Solutions

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Sweet Futures is the premier choice for commodity clearing services for all major US exchanges and global markets. Our multi-FCM relationships give us the ability to offer our clients competitive clearing rates, financing considerations, cutting-edge technology solutions, research, and back-office reconciliation services.

At Sweet Futures, we believe that consistent communication with our clients is essential to the success of our business. We value our customers and make their satisfaction a top priority.

Award Winning Futures and Options Trading Platforms

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Sweet Futures offers what we believe to be some of the fastest, most advanced, and most reliable futures and options trading platforms in the industry today. For traders of different proficiencies, whether novice futures traders or advanced options traders, we have an online trading platform for you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Sweet Futures would like you to take advantage of our Free Online Trading Demos we have available throughout our website. Don’t just choose any online trading platform. Choose the platform that’s right for you. Contact us to receive a free consultation and let our professionals recommend what tools best fit your trading needs.

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OTC Structured Products

Sweet Futures offers OTC hedging solutions tailored to each client’s needs and with benefits over traditional exchange-traded products. Our OTC product offerings include:

  • Structured Products
  • Calendar Spread Options
  • Barrier Options
  • Vanilla Options
  • Swaps & Forwards
  • Digital Options

Power and Energy Trading

Sweet Futures services some of the largest energy companies worldwide. Power and Energy markets are very complex and choosing a broker with experience and knowledge of these products is essential. Sweet Futures has extensive knowledge and years of experience servicing clients in the energy space.