CME Direct

CME Direct Trading Platform

As the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, CME Group is where the world comes to manage risk. Comprised of four exchanges – CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX – CME Group provides a broad range of global benchmark products across all major asset classes, helping businesses everywhere mitigate the myriad of risks they face in today’s uncertain global economy. CME Direct is a highly-configurable trading front end for CME Group markets that offers a complete suite of solutions across the trading lifecycle. Access listed and Block markets all on one screen, and execute custom options strategies with speed and agility using our enhanced options functionality.

Choose the great way to execute trades either online or through a voice broker. Interested in CME Direct? Sweet Futures can help. Please contact us for more information and access CME Group’s electronic futures, options and Block markets – all on one screen. “Discover the smart option for trading.”

CME Direct offers the following innovative products that traders and brokers have come to rely on:

CME Direct for Traders

Access CME Group electronic futures, options, and OTC markets – all on one screen. Choose the best way to execute trades either online or through a voice broker.

  • Sophisticated trading grids facilitate fast spread and outright trading
  • Block Ticker displays customizable real-time Block trade data
  • Option RFQs execute covered and multi-leg strategies on CME Globex
  • Straight-Through Processing enables real-time trade flow between front and middle office

CME Direct for Brokers

View all CME Group futures on one screen to execute on a customer’s behalf, or use CME Direct to process voice-negotiated blocks instantly.

  • Fast booking easily book OTC ClearPort trades to meet Block reporting timelines
  • Trade entry validation reduce trade entry errors
  • Broker whiteboard track and share prices across desks and regions
  • Straight-Through Processing process OTC voice trades without dual-keying

CME Direct Messenger

CME Direct Messenger is an advanced instant messaging platform that integrates seamlessly with CME Direct.

  • Intelligent parsing convert text to data for dozens of products
  • Rapid distribution blast to hundreds of counterparts or targeted groups instantly
  • Click and Clear submit complex trades from IM to ClearPort faster, more easily and with fewer errors
  • Extensive collaboration  share information using a variety of tools
CME Direct for Trader

CME Direct for Traders

Delivered securely across the Internet, CME Direct is a highly-configurable trading front end for CME Group markets that offers a complete suite of solutions across the trading lifecycle.

  • Real-time streaming quotes, including market depth
  • Rapid order entry and trading across multiple brokers and accounts
  • Multiple order types, order duration and order protection functions
  • Straight through processing to your risk system for both listed and OTC-brokered trades
  • Streamlined, integrated instant messaging with CME Direct Messenger
  • Hyper-fast options functionality that allows traders to send RFQ’s and execute covered and multi-leg strategies on CME
  • Globex Futures, options, and OTC markets – all on one screen

Enhanced Booking and Block Trade Features

CME Direct offers integrated deal capture for blocks and complex strategies with streamlined deal tickets optimized for recently used customer accounts and trades.

Fast booking

  • Instantly submit block trades or exchange for swaps (EFS) within the required reporting window

Pre-confirmation window

  • View pre-confirmation for trade entry, including CME Clear-Port validation checks

Real-time block ticker

  • Customization of block data feeds displaying all block trades in real time

Broker whiteboard for price sharing

  • Track and share customer prices and interest across the order desk

API integration

  • Interface with CME Direct to book trades into in-house systems
CME Direct Messenger

Intelligent, Reliable and Accessible Instant Messaging

CME Direct Messenger is an advanced instant messaging platform designed specifically for commodity traders and brokers. By combining intelligent parsing technology, a highly-collaborative environment, a secure network and a seamless integration with CME Direct, CME Direct Messenger helps you trade more efficiently.

Reliable Private Network

Download CME Direct Messenger v8.3, and become a part of a secure, private network that connects all users. Our network chat rooms are highly flexible, secure and fully compliant, so you can configure them to meet your individual needs and rest assured that you are complying with the most rigorous data control policies. Use them to link communication across your desk, or communicate and share between desks at different firms.

Liquidity at Your Fingertips

Leveraging world-class commodity market parsing engines, you can value complex options strategies in seconds using our bundled analytics service or your proprietary models. Separate markets from conversations, convert text to data and capture and use critical market information instantly – all integrated into one view.

Focused, Organized Workspace

Use our Monitors and Message Prioritizer to alert you to important symbols, products, or strategies, while ignoring time-consuming distractions.
Configure your workstation using multiple views, fonts, and priorities for maximum efficiency and usability.

Efficiency and Compliance

Save time to enter complex deals subject to tight reporting deadlines by using CME Direct Messenger’s Click and Clear functionality. Click and Clear reduces errors and speeds the submission of trades by 20 to 30 seconds per trade ensuring deals are sent immediately and are fully compliant. CME Direct must be installed and running to use Click and Clear.


CME Messenger integrates seamlessly with all major message compliance and archival applications to ensure that trading rooms fully comply with the latest rules and regulations.

For optimum performance we recommend the following minimum requirements:

  • 3GHz + dual-core or higher processor. Quad-core processor preferred.
  • 4GB memory or greater.
  • A dedicated Video Card (not on-board) with at least 1GB of memory
  • Minimum display Resolution setting 1280 x 1024
  • Broadband internet connection (5+Mbit) with low latency
CME Direct has been developed using Microsoft .NET technology. The following software requirements are pre-requisites.

To Install and Run CME Direct:

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, or Vista SP2
  • Microsoft Microsoft IE 6.0+, Google Chrome (with a ClickOnce add-on) or Firefox
  • *Microsoft .NET 4.5 or higher Framework – free download available