OptionsCity Software, Inc. provides real-time electronic trading solutions to professional and institutional options traders. It is a certified ISV on more than a dozen leading futures and options exchanges. Founded in 2006, OptionsCity has quickly become one of the industry leaders. OptionsCity has partnered with financial institutions to improve their trading experience through innovative solutions for automation, pricing, risk management, and execution. OptionsCity’s out-of-the-box products are a proven combination of technological advancement and financial innovation and provide a solid foundation for traders and trading businesses. For those who want to take it one step further, Enterprise Solutions will custom build your product to meet your exact specifications.

If your advanced options trader who demands the tools needed to be competitive in the marketplace, than OptionsCity is the platform for you. Metro NOW gives you the ability to tailor a platform to your specific trading needs. Schedule a Fee Demo Today! Try the platform used by industry professionals for years. For the novice trader, CityTrader may be right for you. Sweet Futures believes every trader should have the tools available to them to meet their trading needs. Not sure which platform is right for you? Contact us, and we will help.

Metro’s benefits and features are second to none. OptionsCity is committed to giving options traders an innovative fully configurable electronic trading solution:

Solution for Professional Traders

Professional traders can optimize market opportunities with OptionsCity Metro and Freeway:

  • Quickly create Target Missions to view or auto-execute opportunities
  • Create custom rules to heat map market conditions in all widgets
  • 10+ pricing models and skew methods to fit any market or options trading style
  • View and fit implied, or settlement skews quickly
  • Dial-in custom edge requirements for a range of strategy types
  • Quickly prioritize and respond to incoming RFQs
  • Generate risk reports incorporating volatility and time shocks
  • Instantly price, evaluate, and RFQ multi-legged strategies

Solution for Market Makers

Market makers can optimize and quickly act on market opportunities with OptionsCity Metro:

  • Quickly adjust edge/size quoting parameters from a single quoting widget
  • Utilize automatic edge adjustments based on delta, vega, or market size
  • Quickly create Target Missions to show or auto-execute market making
  • Define auto-hedge settings for outrights and complex strategies
  • Tap into four levels of quoting safety as pre-defined risk conditions are met
  • 10+ pricing models and skew methods to fit any market or trading style
  • Dial-in custom edge requirements for a range of strategy types
  • Quickly prioritize and respond to incoming RFQs
  • Generate risk reports incorporating volatility and time shocks
  • Price, evaluate, and RFQ multi-legged strategies

Solution for Risk Managers

Risk managers can easily interact with parameter-specific risk views using Metro’s Risk Command Center:

  • Sort risk views by greek, month, product, and more
  • Create custom risk reports and quickly export as PDFs
  • Visually compare skew risk to sources such as settle, bid, and ask
  • Choose from multiple theo sources to create skews
  • Historical Trade Viewer organizes trade history in a single intuitive hub

Solution for Algorithmic Traders

  • Launch ideas from a comprehensive development environment
  • Save time with a reduced development-to-deployment life-cycles
  • Easily build and test strategies to quickly act on market opportunities
  • Tap into simple yet powerful APIs in a single robust solution
  • Execute strategies seamlessly via Metro integration
  • Record/replay historical data at different speeds with simulation tools
  • Market-driven dynamic reconfiguration and customizable views
  • High throughput and ultra-low latency execution
  • Intuitive interface, integrated data visualization, and graphical analysis
  • Interact with historical data and third-party tools
  • Access City Store algorithms, automation, and custom functionality


Metro NOW

Metro NOW is a high performance, web-deployed options trading platform that allows users to build and buy, taking advanced off-the-shelf software and adding a growing library of custom in-house widgets. It comes out-of-the-box with traditional Metro widgets, such as options pricing, risk management and execution, and allows users to access and download an expanding catalog of widgets from the City Store.

Trade Sheets

Metro’s intuitive electronic trade sheets enable users to easily price spreads and request quotes (RFQs), view market data, write rules-based logic, and place electronic orders.

OptionsCity - Trading Sheets


Advanced modeling allows traders to manage option volatility curves, skews and term structure either from a grid or graphically. Traders can also preview curve updates before publishing them to their server.

OptionsCity - Model Settings


Actively monitor quotes and adjust parameters from an intuitive interface. Easily apply leans to on top of your curve to trade in and out of positions.

OptionsCity - City Market


The ability to automate responses to RFQs with dynamic edge settings based on Delta, Vega and Time to Expiration.

OptionsCity - Exchange Request Viewer


Shop The City’s Cutting-edge Marketplace

The City Store allows you to fully personalize your Metro NOW trading experience by offering a library of downloadable widgets for adding custom functionality. Seamless integration means no downtime or development time, so you can continue trading as you like without disruption.

Below are a list of the widgets offered to integrate with Metro NOW. For product pricing and description please visit OptionsCity’s City Store. CITY STORE

  • Trade Alert by OptionsCity Software
  • EOX Live Markets by OTC Global Holdings
  • Advanced Order Widget by OptionsCity Software
  • Fast Futures by Morris Consulting
  • Depth Finder by OptionsCity Software
  • Active Volatility Manager by Axonetric
  • Volatility Skew Manager by OptionsCity Software
  • Futures Scalper by Axonetric
  • Spread Matrix by OptionsCity Software
  • Profiteer Engine by Axonetric
  • P&L Tracker by OptionsCity Software
  • Auto-Hedger by Axonetric


Get on the Freeway

The Engine for Trading Automation
Freeway is a fast and powerful server-based trading platform for quick development and deployment of custom automated trading strategies.

Comprehensive Development Environment

Freeway’s quick and iterative process – from development to back-testing and deployment – is made easy with a complete environment and a simple yet powerful development API using Java or Scala.

Integrated Data Visualization

User-defined data visualization capabilities make it easy to stay on top of dynamic market conditions. Interaction with jobs in real-time through signals combines the speed of automation with the human decision-making process.

Simulation and Playback Tools

Record and replay historical market data at different speeds and engage a full built-in exchange simulator.

Intuitive Interface

Freeway comes with an easy-to-use interface to monitor and quickly adjust variables within custom Jobs.
Integrated logging can be quickly searched and filtered from the Freeway interface.

Algo Store

The Algo Store in an online repository, that provides a collaborative environment and a marketplace for creating, purchasing, and downloading algorithms. It includes a collection of algorithms available in Freeway, including hedging, market analysis, and auto-spreading. Third-party developers have the opportunity to write and sell algorithms or components to traders around the world.

Integration and Extensibility

Freeway and Metro together deliver powerful professional trading solutions with pricing and risk management capabilities, an extensible architecture, out-of-the-box historical data, news, and social sentiment tool, as well as integration with data vendors such as R and Matlab.


Keep It Simple with Citytrader

Trading futures and options is complicated – but your software doesn’t have to be. Introducing CityTrader from OptionsCity. Innovative new features and cross-platform access allow you to focus on mastering your strategy, not your software.

  • Full documentation with 24/7 support

Intuitive design keeps you only a click away from your next trade.


Cross-Platform Access

Trade however you’re most comfortable – CityTrader is accessible from modern web browsers, as well as Windows and Mac desktop apps.

Pricing model is one of the most competitive in the industry—delivering you uninterrupted access to the exchanges for one predictable cost.

$100 Per Month Per User + $.25 Per Contract