Quantitative Options Risk Analysis


Market Maker (M-Maker) is a comprehensive modeling and risk management tool specifically designed for options and futures traders in commodity markets. M-Maker is available exclusively to valued Sweet Futures clients, although it was not developed by our team. We have partnered with a reliable third-party provider to ensure our clients have access to this specialized software solution.

By having the ability to accurately and effectively manipulate positions, hypothetical situations, and prospective trades, M-Maker puts more knowledge and analysis behind the most sophisticated options and futures strategies so that the trader knows where their risks are, and where their positions may benefit.


Some features include:

  • 2-Dimensional risk to hypothetically see how a position may move through time.
  • Skew customization to see how to skew shifts will hypothetically change position profiles.
  • Option Greeks consolidated by both expirations and by total position.
  • Ability to consolidate futures and options positions into one comprehensive risk report.
  • Capability of running specific market scenarios and their hypothetical impact on risk.
  • One of the main benefits of M-Maker risk analysis is the ability to run scenarios and examine how trades will hypothetically perform if certain market conditions occur.

Benefits for Commercial Hedgers:

  • If you’re a commercial hedger, your cash position determines your hedging goals.
  • Whether it’s maintaining price stability or protecting a future purchase, you know your market better than most. If you hedge with a combination of futures and options, understanding the risk components of your strategy is a vital component of you overall hedging objective, and consequentially, your business.
  • The Quantitative Options Division at Sweet Futures, by using the M-Maker software, gives more detail to your strategy.
  • M-Maker gives Sweet Futures clients the ability to hypothetically project your position through time so the trader knows how their hedge may perform under certain market movements.

Benefits for Speculators:

  • If you’re a speculator, you have an opinion about where markets will go. Whether the market verifies your outlook or goes against it, you need to know your risks. By using Sweet Futures as the IB for your trading business, you’ll have direct access to our Options Strategy and Modeling team and the advanced analytics that our M-Maker platform provides for our clients. Whether you’re trading a short volatility strategy, hedging your delta exposure, trading a skew, or speculating on the long or short side, knowing your risks is paramount in seeing if your strategy will benefit from certain market conditions, or if your trade will produce a loss.
  • At the end of the day, trading is risk management and risk management is trading. Have a deeper understanding of your futures and options positions with Sweet Futures.


With Sweet Futures new Quantitative Options Division, you’ll have exclusive access to proprietary options software that can model your position through time, test market scenarios, and see where your ideas may produce losses or profits. 


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Robert Rashid
Director of Options Strategies
P. 1-872-278-9969

Robert Rashid is a quantitative options trader with over a decade of experience. Before joining Sweet Futures Robert attended Lawrence University where he earned a degree in Mathematics. After graduation, Robert joined a proprietary trading firm and began his career as a risk manager in US commodity futures and options.

Over the years, Robert has developed an interest in options trading and has become an expert in the field. Joining Sweet Futures in 2023 as Director of Options Strategies, Robert’s primary responsibility is to further develop the firm’s Quantitative Options Division. Robert uses a sophisticated proprietary program known as M-Maker to forecast his trading strategies and assist Sweet Futures clients with their own risk management strategies.

Robert holds a series 3 certification and is fully registered with the National Futures Association.

DISCLAIMER: This information includes examples that are for illustrative purposes only, and should not be construed as trading advice.  Trading in futures and options involves a significant risk of loss. 

Sweet Futures 1, LLC would like to clarify that the M-Maker software was developed exclusively for the use of Sweet Futures clients. However, it is important to note that our firm was not directly involved in the development of this software. M-Maker was independently developed by a third-party provider, who specializes in software development and has no direct affiliation with our firm. As such, any inquiries, support requests, or issues related to M-Maker should be directed to the appropriate contact at the third-party development company. We are happy to provide further assistance in connecting you with the relevant contact if needed.